Self care

Self care: the best way to stay connected

Living in such a busy city as New York I find it really hard to disconnect sometimes. I love being connected and up to speed about everything but I have lately realized that you do need time for yourself. Self care is absolutely essential for your well being and health. In order to be at your best and stay connected you can try the following tips and advice that I have found helpful for me. 

Prevent with self care 

In general I used to wait until I got sick to actually take care of myself properly. It was like I didn’t realize that my body needed more care  until my body told me so. At this stage it’s already too late. In my opinion it’s much better to try to prevent this and help your body by making conscious decisions every day. Sleep is one thing that you can focus on for self care! 

There are so many ways to go about self care and it ranges from the way you eat to taking a trip all by yourself. Whatever you choose to do it’ll have a positive impact on your body and will ensure you can stay connected much better. 

Self care is the best way to stay connected. It's essential for your wellbeing and healt and there are plenty of ways to go about it.

My favourite self care tips 

First and foremost try to exercise! If at all possible it’s great to do it daily. The good thing here is that you don’t need to go to the gym for hours every day. It’s enough to go for a walk and just focus on the things happening around you. For me a walk is the perfect way to clear my head! I try my hardest to follow this advice, but of course there are days when I don’t do it. And I can tell you that I feel much better the days I do! 

Secondly, the food you eat is so important! This has more impact on you than anything else. It is by far the best way to exercise self care! It doesn’t mean that you need to eat a salad for every meal or become a vegan. The most important part here is that you focus on good ingredients and cook more. For me it has made a huge difference eating more home cooked food with good ingredients. I can tell that I have much more energy. 

Schedule your self care time – this might sound like a strange idea. But in our busy lives it is necessary! There are days when I would not have time to do it if I didn’t put it in my calendar. Also, make sure you still do this! Look at this as an essential part, just like cooking or eating, and it’ll be much easier to get into the habit of doing it.  

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A short summary

As I mentioned before you can essentially choose whatever works best for you as a self care method. My recommendation is that you do make time for this. I have seen an increase in energy and I’m much more focused. So it’s definitely something I will continue practicing in my everyday life!