The Best Mascaras Nobody Talks About

There are so many mascaras today that it’s easy to get lost in the mascara-jungle. Honestly, it’s trial and error over and over again. I have a few favorite mascaras that I don’t see too often – especially one that´s particularly amazing! So I want to share these awesome mascaras that are exclusive, bring the eyes an intense look and seem like a miracle sent from the makeup heaven. I’ve chosen carefully…so here they are.

This just needs to get out there for all you ladies. I chose three of my favorite mascaras that every girl and every woman needs to have at home.

Intense Mascaras: Too Faced – Better than Sex

Mascaras - Better Than Sex

No, it’s not me getting ahead of myself or making promises I can’t keep. This mascara really is called “Better than Sex” from Too Faced. It sure makes a bold statement. I got this one as a Christmas present and it immediately made me happy even before I tried it on. After all, the packaging was in pink color and the name of it was just too good.

So the same Christmas Day I had to try it. I’m too eager to try the presents I get to wait. When I applied it, I was amazed! The bold statement was dangerously close to being true (lol). It was one of the best mascaras I had ever tried! And today, it’s still one of my favorite mascaras.

Why It’s So Good

It has a thick brush which I was a bit scared of at first because these can easily make the eyelashes look clumsy. But it was actually the opposite! It was like a miracle. My eyelashes´ length suddenly tripled – that’s right, tripled – and right then and there, I was hooked. It also lasts a long time since you don’t have to apply too much to get nice lashes. This one is my absolute favorite!

Simple Mascaras: DIOR – Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

What more can I say about the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara than it’s absolutely amazing? Although I don’t normally use mascaras with curling effect, this one I have to add to my list of favorite mascaras. If one day, I don’t feel that I want to use my eyelash curler, this mascara is perfect. Besides, sometimes you spend the whole day somewhere and don’t want to bring your curler with you.

This one is a bit more simple and less intense than the first one I mentioned. It gives a simple touch to your eyelashes and separates them well. The eyelashes longer, slightly curled and look amazing. I use this one for work or if I just want to have a simple touch of makeup without wearing too much. A discrete lipstick color or a lipgloss with that and it’s done!

Intensifying the Look With One of The Best Mascaras

When you combine this mascara with the DIOR’s Maximizer 3D Primer, the result is stunning! I’ve used the mascara without but with this primer, it looks so much more intense. Still more angel-like and pretty but with a stronger statement.

I actually got this with the Dior mascara as a Christmas present and I love it! It’s a serum so it takes care of the eyelashes as well. You can actually use it on its own during the night which I find to be a nice option. Anything that cares for my lashes a little extra is always welcomed!